Know someone deserving of a Churro Party?
 Nominate them to receive some
deep fried happiness here!

What IS the Surprise Churro Party nomination?

Surprise. Delight. Churro joy! Know someone in need of a brighter day? Nominate them here to win a free Surprise Churro Party to lift their spirits. Every month we'll choose from the nominations who will be get the party. You can be their churro angel! 

Why do we do Surprise Churro Parties?

We think everyone should feel like a VIP! And if we can make people happy one churro at a time...that's exactly what we want to do. Plus, we love a great surprise—all the sneaking around, planning to catch them off guard and then wowing them with churro love and kindness. We hope that these Churro Parties help brighten days and celebrate those that may not usually get to party! 

Who should I nominate and how does the process work?

Do you have a friend, family member or colleague that's been going through a rough patch? Someone that needs celebrate something special and they don't normally do that?  Just fill out the form, tell us their story and someone from our team will get in touch with you if your nominee is chosen for the Surprise Churro Party.  

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